Be Informed

Have you ever noticed that many of the homes you like are listed by me? It’s not a coincidence: I have interesting clients and interesting properties. If you would like to be notified about these listings before they go on the market, go to the source.

Protect Our Forests

Boris Environmental Logos

I am a believer in extensive advertising, promotion and exposure for my listings and my services. I also feel strongly about preserving the environment. All of my publications and advertisements are now printed on fully recycled or sustainably forested materials.

In addition, I am proud to support the World Wildlife Fund, an organization working in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of our footprint on the environment.

Giving Back

Boris Giving Back Logos

I am also a believer that in developed nations worldwide our responsibility is to share our values and our resources with those in need. My hard work has also allowed me to support some of the world's most important charity organizations fighting for human rights and providing essential medical care in the world's conflict and disaster areas.

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